Join us April 23-27- 2018 for the Women in Tech Regatta Week.

The Regatta is a curated collection of events, workshops and conversations designed to connect women in tech to mentors, peers, resources and to the power of community. We will dwell in the realm of what’s possible, rather than simply what is.

Sessions are grouped thematically and each session will be hosted at one of five ports. Create a personalized itinerary aligned to your specific interests, by checking off the sessions below.

Monday Kick off opening party– Resource reception featuring over 30 orgs from our vibrant city that support women and girls in tech- all during one night, under one roof.
Port Tracks: During the week we’re hosting over 30 breakout sessions across the city. Sessions are grouped thematically and each session will be hosted at 1 of 5 ports. 
  • Port 1: Tech Mavens (keeping you relevant in tech)  We’ll be talking about everything from AI, to Crypto-Currency, to growing as a coder.
  • Port 2: Inclusive Culture (Allyship)  The focus here is on ending gender bias in the workplace & building stronger, more diverse teams.
  • Port 3: Leadership (CEO’s & Startups)  We’ll hear from a diverse group of CEO’s and startup leaders who will discuss multi-dimensional leadership, building credibility and avoiding isolation.
  • Port 4: All about YOU (Build your story)  This is all about you- being bold,  intentional and building resilience. Pump up your side hustle and put some mojo into your personal brand.
  • Port 5: Career Acumen (Building relationships) Learn about how storytelling, mentorship, and meaningful connections will help you meet your career goals and win the race.
Closing Celebration:  Enjoy the last day of the WiT Regatta Week at the Progressive Closing Celebrations. Participate in a variety of exciting pop in events: Complimentary headshots, fashion exhibits, interactive VR, candlelight meditation, résumé review, workplace hacks and more... Connect, nibble & sip with new and old friends. 
avatar for Jacqueline Touma

Jacqueline Touma

Curious Enterprises LLC
Founder & CEO
My heart is marketing, my head is technology and my passion is innovation. I have worked with and in organizations from Fortune 50 to Fortune 500 businesses, to start-ups and individual entrepreneurs. Having started my career in Bell Canada, I moved to the US in 2001 to work for Microsoft, enjoying a near 12-year career span in marketing and technology before moving on to leadership roles at T-Mobile USA, as Director of CRM and as CMO of Fluke BioMed. From there, journey as an entrepreneur and consultant began.

My expertise runs deep in strategy, process, marketing, sales enablement, channel partnerships and solutions development. I thrive in disruptive environment, drive collaboration and seek transformation in pursuing and achieving significant growth. I am a thinker and a creator, building organizations, leading change management initiatives and driving business from inception to optimization. I have over 20 years of experience leading global teams in operational and commercial leadership roles.
I am immersed in Digital Transformation, Cloud Technologies, AI and evolving marketing beyond ‘the lead’ into the white-space of Mar Tech, Customer Experience and B2E. I push the limits of what if, why not and we can in a collaborative people centered approach where working together we all learn, grow and do amazing things.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast (thank-you Mr. Drucker). People – customers, colleagues, partners and employees shape and define it. I contribute to forging open, diverse, inclusive and creative environments, where everyone can do their best to their best of their abilities and every contribution is valued.

Leadership is about compassion and responsibility – to others. I am an advocate who provides access, opportunities and guidance to support concrete actions for success. I serve on the boards of Ignite WA (Public-Private Economic Partnership) and co-founded Women in Cloud (Access, Accelerators & Network for Women Cloud Leaders & Entrepreneurs) along with mentoring and supporting several community associations.

I have an MBA from Dalhousie University in Marketing and International Business, a Masters of Arts in Political Science from McMaster University and a Bachelors in Political Science from the University of Windsor.